We prepare you for a transparent and sustainable marketplace by designing solutions that have positive social and environmental impact. We measure success in two main areas of sustainability:

Impact on Society
Through strategies, methods and consulting we ensure your communication and marketing efforts do not provoke or further promote negative cultural norms and stereotypes.

Environmental Impact
Marketing materials and print communication generate massive amounts of waste each year. Many design solutions also have a short lifespan and are often disposed of quickly. To solve this set of issues we integrate production processes, materials and how design solutions will be disposed of to lower the impact on the environment.

Socially Conscious Business Practices
We will provide assistance, guidance and support that will enhance your organization through sustainable environmental, social and community development practices. Embodying these business practices will have the most positive effect on your organization.

The Awareness Campaign

Using our Project Lab, which is to conduct self-initiated research and design projects, Thinkhaus developed The Awareness Campaign, an advocacy campaign to bring awareness towards disability discrimination.

Using our experience, skills and expertise with socially conscious design we developed the campaign to provide a platform to discuss the lack of equality for all people with a disability. Thinkhaus has put this project into place to take part in improving the world around us as we truly believe the act of design is best used to solve cultural and social issues. With this project we will gain insights that we could not have if we had not taken on this project.

For more information and to take part in The Awareness Campaign please visit: theawarenesscampaign.com